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7 Certificate Courses

Starting from 1st Week of July, 2014












(FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT: 022-26530266 / 022-26543011)

Certificate Courses:-

-- Certificate course in Astronomy and Astrophysics  
-- Certificate Course in Archaeology  
-- Certificate Course in Ancient Indian Arts and Sciences  
-- Certificate Course in Geology  
-- Certificate Course in Dramatics  
-- Certificate Course in Nursery and Gardening Maintenance  
-- Certificate Course in Taxonomy of Plants and animals  
Certificate Course Astronomy and Astrophysics  
Next batch commencing from 6th July 2014  
Time: Sunday 10 am to 1 pm  
Duration: 9 Months.  

Fees: Rs.5,500/-

Visit Fees : (G.M.R.T Visit Fee 1500 Mandatory ) ( Lonar Visit 4000 Optionl)

Venue : Nehru Planetarium, Worli.  
Landscape Designing and Maintenance Course  
Next batch commencing from 26th July. 2014  
Time: Saturday 2 pm to 5 pm  
Duration: 4 Months.  
Fees: Rs.10,000/-  
Certificate Course Nursery and Gardening Maintenance  
Next batch commencing from 5th July 2014  
Time: Saturday and Sunday 2 to 5 pm  
Duration: 6 Months.  
Fees: Rs.10,000/-  
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  allied activities Cources
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  allied activities सहस्रकातील विज्ञान
    अधिक चौकशीसाठी येथे क्लिक करा.
  allied activities Rural Programmes
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